Why Hiring A Competent SEO Firm Is Very Important

December 21, 2010

Why Hiring A Competent SEO Firm Is Very Important

Actually an average Joe can optimize a site and get its web pages indexed and minimally ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs). But getting a site to rank on the top five links of the first page of Google SERPs requires adroit maneuvering of several ranking factors that only competent individuals can effectively achieve. This is where white hat search engine optimization professionals come in, because they understand how search engine ranking algorithms are programmed to function and stick to the stipulated guidelines.

  • Understanding the ever-changing ranking factors: Search engine algorithms are very elusive and frequently updated. Owing to that, it is important to allow an SEO expert who follows these updates religiously, fully understands these factors and knows exactly what needs to be done to rank your site. It makes no sense to waste your precious time doing haphazard optimization of a site that brings no desired result. The plain fact is that all the websites that rank on top of the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Blekko SERPs have SEO professionals working for them. Your competitors whose sites rank higher than yours on search results might be doing the same thing without you knowing it. If your SEO intention is actually to outrank those competitors, why not consider the only route to achieve the aim?
  • Time-consumption: Even if you know how search algorithms work, SEO is very time-consuming. It is an ongoing process that demands a lot of time every day. Do you still prefer lavishing precious time on SEO that generates little or no result to managing your business and personal life? Concentrate on the things you do best and leave the hard SEO job for professionals to handle on your behalf.
  • Result-oriented optimization: Contrary to popular myth, SEO is far more than amassing backlinks. Truthfully it takes more than meets the ordinary person’s eye. A specialist first studies a client’s website to find out the things it lacks in terms of SEO and analyzes what needs to be done to generate targeted result. Reputable SEO experts go to the extent of doing keyword research and studying competitors’ sites to ascertain why they rank better than their clients’ sites. Once they’re equipped with the facts, they proceed to implementing proven on-site and off-site optimization techniques, in order to propel their clients’ site to top SERPs ranking. If you can’t guarantee a site top ranking on Google SERPs within three (3) months, hiring a professional who is worth his salt is your best option. Are you still undecided? Why not stop circling the SEO wagon and enter it?
  • This eliminates the use of black hat SEO techniques: In certain cases there is a fine line between some aspects of both white hat and black hat search engine optimization techniques. If you have a vague understanding of white hat and black hat SEO methods and their effects, you should consider hiring someone more knowledgeable and reputable. However, never hire someone who does not adhere strictly to search engine guidelines for webmasters.

By now you must have known the reasons why you should hire an SEO expert who uses only white hat methods to boost a site’s ranking for competitive keywords in organic searches.



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