Website Optimization Basics

August 17, 2013

Website Optimization Basics

The launch of promotion of any kind of website must first of all come with an analysis and development prospects.

Among factors that should be given attention to are:

  •  The uniqueness of the text on the pages of the site, its readability and the absence of errors, typos or unnecessary staff. If the text is not enough, it is necessary to add a few paragraphs to include key phrases for promotion.
  • Availability of titles: major one in the tag «h1», sub-headings «h2» and so on. Special attention should be given to the page header in the tag «title» – it should be concise, logical and should include the main request for promotion if possible. 
  • Easy navigation and site structure: the main menu, additional points, linking of site pages. 
  • The efficiency of internal and external links. There should be no “broken” links to a page with a 404 error.

Site indexing
If your site is new and so far it cannot be found in any of the search engines, you should first of all focus efforts on this.
There are several ways to attract search engine crawlers:

  • Adding site pages to “addurl” of search engines
  • Registration of site pages in social bookmarks and directories.
  • Social networks for bloggers allow to index the page rather quickly.
  • Buying links or exchange. Perhaps the best and most effective way is to put some links to the pages of your source in new articles that are thematically related to your project.

Site update
If you take up seriously the promotion of the site and expect getting a powerful project a couple of years later, your site must be constantly updated: new articles, new images and videos, comments and information update in directories.

Purchasing links
Despite the fact that this point is not the first, it goes among the key ones. External links to pages should be purchased all the time, even if you’ve already got the top 3, 5 or top 10. In this way you can ensure a stable position and future growth of traffic.

Chargeable options:

  • Aggregators of promotion: Seopult,, Here you are just setting up the project and the system automatically procures the required number of links for growth.
  • Exchange of leased links  Beneficial for short-term growth prospects.
  • Exchange of eternal links. Link is purchased “for ever”.
  • Exchanges of posting articles with links.

Free options:

  • Exchange of links with similar projects.
  • “Hidden” advertising in forums, comments, blogs.
  • Filling in the “Personal Site” in the profiles of forums, social networks.




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