Ways to attract traffic through backlinks

February 24, 2014

Ways to attract traffic through backlinks

seo-backlinksBacklinks work to improve the position of the website in search results. But not all links bring quality traffic. One target visitor may be more useful for the site than 100 visits from random users. Traffic sources are key players in this case: some lead targeted quality visitor, while others concentrate on quantity.

Ways to attract traffic through backlinks:
• Link exchange /backlinks from home page
• Links from social networks
• Links from forums
• Links from blog comments
• Links on banners
• Contextual links

Now let’s talk about each method of getting links separately.

Link exchange /backlinks from home page

This tactic is free of charge. It employs an uncomplicated scheme “you give me a link – I return the favor.” You have to negotiate with the owners of websites and agree on link exchange deal, where your link is placed on the home page. However there are a few rules that you need to follow:

  1. The website should have relevant topics. If you exchange links with a website that has a different topic than yours, you won’t get targeted visitors.
  2. The few outgoing links the website has the better. If the website you exchange links with has a lot of outgoing links the link juice will be shared among those links.
  3. The backlink should be a clean SEO link.
  4. It is not necessary to exchange links with many sites. Search engines may find these links unnatural and can penalize your website.
  5. After placing the links check to make sure that they are indexed. You can do this by using Google webmasters tool.

Links from social networks

backlinksSharing news in social media sites is one of the fastest methods to increase website traffic. However, this traffic is considered to be unstable and short-lived, as opposed to search. On the other hand, traffic from social shares are of significantly better quality: people leave comments, staying longer on the site and sign up for updates.

Links from forums/blog comments

Another effective tactic of getting links, but you will need to use a few little tricks here. Most of thematic forums posts are moderated. Most often, messages including promotional links are prohibited. For example, if you post a comment like – “Wow! Only the coolest videos on www.example.com”, – it will most likely be deleted.

What can you do in this case? If the comment or a post you’re writing in the forum useful and helpful, and the link included is relevant to the topic, the moderator will most likely approve it.

The same rule applies for blog comments. Show the author of the blog that you’re not just writing a comment to include a backlink to your website. Make sure your comment is relevant to the topic and shows your interest in further discussion.

Banners and contextual links

In fact, banners are just regular external link, but without anchor text. You can place banners by contacting webmasters yourself or using online services and networks.

Another good method of getting backlinks and traffic is placing contextual links. In this case you include a link with an anchor text in blogs, articles or any other text of a partner website.

There is no need to place tens and hundreds of links all at once. Approach wisely to the link building of your website. Choose carefully all the website where you’re placing backlinks to avoid penalties from search engines.



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