The Role Of Internet Forums In Search Engine Optimization

July 28, 2011

The Role Of Internet Forums In Search Engine Optimization

SEO comprises several techniques and link-building strategies, such as blog posting, article marketing, directory submissions and social bookmarking, amongst others. However, we’re going to focus this discussion on adding Internet forum marketing to that search engine optimization equation. Forums and other discussion boards, when used correctly, can play an effective role in getting your web pages crawled and indexed by major search engines, such as, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. But not every forum helps in SEO! We will exclude mediocre ones and focus on quality forums that are respected by all major search engines.Forum Link Building

Although many webmasters and business owners tend to disregard Internet forums, the few that provide user-generated quality content are visited several times each day by popular web crawlers like GoogleBot and BingBot. This shows that if you place DoFollow links in your signature and contribute to forum threads, the web spiders will essentially follow your links found there to crawl and subsequently index your website and its inner web pages. Getting a backlink from a busy online forum is a surefire way to help search engine crawlers to discover the web pages you’ve been struggling for ages, without success, to get them to index.

As a rule, do not post spam on any forum, but reply to threads in a meaningful way. Several forums allow members to start their own thread; so start yours, whenever you feel like doing so. In both cases, keep your discussions on topic and strive to use them to add value to the entire discussion board. If you’re an authority in your field of endeavor, help to resolve other members’ problems. That way, you will gain much reputation among fellow members, and most of them would want to check out your website. So, online forums are beneficial in three ways: you’ll get free backlinks pointing to your web pages, you’ll gain direct traffic from the community members and also you’ll gain a wealth of insight from other members on how to take your website to a whole new level.

It’s very important to only join discussion forums that are related to your niche, so that links from them would be relevant to the theme of your site. Use Google to search for high PR DoFollow forums or lists of them that are related to what you do. Register with the ones that appeal to you, read their rules and start posting in accordance with the regulations.

While we recommend using forums to get web crawlers to crawl and index your site, be aware that doing so alone won’t get the site ranked at the top of Google’s SERPs. Matter-of-factly, other SEO strategies and techniques need to be put in place by a seasoned optimizer, in order to gain a high SERP ranking.



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