The Benefits Of Local Search Engine Optimization

July 7, 2011

The Benefits Of Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is designed to target the audience where your business is located and help that target market to discover your products and/or services. People have long dumped the idea of wasting countless hours browsing yellow pages for the sake of finding local businesses like yours. The advent of the Internet has provided a time- and energy-saving means via local searching Google and other major search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is a form of search engine optimization that helps sites like yours to tap into your local market. It utilizes specialized techniques to help websites and web pages to rank very high in local search results, and subsequently gives businesses the much needed visibility in their locale. Without a doubt, local search engine optimization generates targeted traffic, which often results to purchases and increased return on investment (ROI).

When you optimize your website for local search, it will enable consumers of your type of products and/or services in your area to easily find you. Imagine yourself after performing local search engine optimization, where you simply relax at the comfort of your business premises and watch local consumers streaming in every minute. For example, you’re a Boston local businessman who provides computer repair services or owns a cosmetics store. Whenever someone in your area needs to get his/her PC fixed or wants to buy cosmetics, he/she will simply use Google Maps, Yahoo Local and/or Bing Maps to locate relevant businesses in town. You’re definitely missing out on something so lucrative on the Internet, if your business cannot be found at the top on those sources. Undisputed studies show that consumers tend to trust local businesses more than they do long distance ones, because they know the physical location of the businesses and can easily visit there, in case anything goes wrong.

It’s very important for a business to rank high in orgainc search results (SERPs), especially in local SERPs. Local search engine optimization includes, but not limited to, making sure web pages contain the right local keywords, setting the correct geo-location tags in the HTML headers, submitting your business to Google Places, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Local Busines Listings, etc. So, for example, when someone searches for the keywords, “computer repairs boston” or “cambridge computer repairs” or “greater boston computer repairer”, your website should rank at the top of SERPs. If it doesn’t rank well, then something is wrong with how the site is optimized for local search.

Another important element of local search engine optimization is to make sure your correct business location and phone number are in place on your web pages. When an Internet searcher narrows his/her search down to your street or around it, a link to your site will be right there at the top enticing the searcher to click on it.

There are other aspects of local SEO, such as building links from local directories and related local websites. However, local search engine optimization is better left for professionals who fully understand the intricacies of search engine guidelines for local business listings.



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