Some Important Ways To Implement Ethical On-page SEO

April 22, 2011

Some Important Ways To Implement Ethical On-page SEO

On-page Optimization

On-page SEO

Before you create a brand new site, there is need for you to take time to plan how to implement result-oriented search engine optimization methods that will help your web pages to get crawled and indexed. Making sure you build a search engine-optimized web design at the beginning will eliminate the rigmarole of having to come back to the design at a later time and tweaking some codes. As follows are some ethical on-page search engine optimization techniques you can implement on your website:

Add short descriptions of images and objects: Many webmasters neglect the importance of the ALT and Title tags. These attributes help search engines to understand the meaning behind embedded images and other objects. Search crawlers cannot “see” pictures, but can effectively read textual content. For example, the following is how to use the ALT tag: <img src=”” width=”330″ height=”330″ alt=”SEO Boston” />

Add unique titles to every web page: The title tag is the first place a search engine crawler goes when it arrives at a web page. A title tag is primarily used to tell bots and Internet users what a page is all about. For example, our site’s homepage can have the following title: <title>SEO Boston</title> – where the keyword, “SEO Boston”, tells crawlers and human visitors that the site is located in Boston and provides SEO services. Numerous webmasters make the mistake of using the same set of keywords and key phrases on more than one web page. So, make sure the title of each page is unique, while adding the most important keywords and key phrases the page targets. This will help every web page to rank on search results for your chosen keywords.

Add unique and captivating Meta Description to every web page: The text located within the Meta Description is displayed by search engines on their SERPs as a summary of a web page’s content, whenever its link appears. Take some time to write unique descriptions of the products and/or services you provide through each page. Moreover, make it very captivating to your target audience, in order to enhance click-through rates. The way you write your descriptions will determine how well consumers who are searching for the type of products and/or services you provide will find you.

In addition to on-page SEO, off-page optimization has to be implemented, in order to enhance web page indexing by search bots and ranking in organic search results. It’s important to know that not all the SEO techniques are ethical, since some are used primarily with the aim to manipulate search engine algorithms.



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