SEO Boston enhances the visibility of websites like yours on the Internet. We walk with our clients in all possible steps to achieve solid and lasting success in their online endeavors. That’s our main objective of providing result-oriented search engine optimization (SEO), SEO management, social media optimization (SMO), PPC (pay-per-click) management, conversion optimization and search engine-optimized web design services.

SEO Management Plans:

SEO is a continuous process and needs to be done well regularly, to ensure desired ranking is attained and maintained. Those who don’t keep an eye on their SEO efforts risk being outsmarted by their competitors. Our SEO management plans include regular on-site and off-site optimization/maintenance, sales funnel optimization, site metrics analysis, and sales performance analysis and optimization. We also monitor closely website performance and ranking in organic searches for chosen keywords.

Search Engine Optimization:

We provide result-oriented SEO services customized to meet the individual needs of every client. This is not the average search engine optimization, but a high deployment of on-page and off-page services that guarantee total domination of the first pages of Google, Blekko, Bing, Yahoo and Ask search results.

Social Media Marketing:

Internet trends show that people are increasingly turning to social media sites for information. You’re definitely missing out on something very lucrative, if you’re not well-represented in social arena. SEO Boston promotes clients’ websites on popular social networking sites, such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. We will help you to maximize their usefulness and generate a lot of targeted traffic to your products and/or services. SEO Boston will achieve all these things by creating accounts on your behalf in every high traffic social network, find and befriend thousands of members whose interests align with your products and/or services, and network with them to make them develop genuine interest in your offerings.

Par-Per-Click Management:

PPC advertising is one of the major ways to drive targeted traffic to websites, without having to worry about organic searches. However, pay-per-click can be quite expensive, if it’s improperly managed. This is where SEO Boston comes in. We coherently manage PPC campaigns of numerous happy clients and help them to maximize their sales and earnings. Our services in this area include keyword research and analysis, keyword bidding and implementation, ads placement, ads traffic analysis, and detailed reporting of key performance indicators. SEO Boston strives to use finesse while providing pay-per-click management services, so as to increase our clients’ ROI.

Conversion Optimization:

At SEO Boston we believe that getting a large number of targeted visitors is literally not enough, if they don’t purchase anything from the visited site. That’s why we help clients to turn their websites’ visitors into buying customers. Let us increase your conversion rate through website optimization, regular web page maintenance, site usability analysis, landing page optimization and key performance analysis.

Search-optimized Web Design:

A web page must be search engine-friendly before one can expect search bots to successfully crawl and index it. In essence, search engine optimization starts with web design. Allow SEO Boston to analyze and ensure that every web page of your site contains the necessary Meta tags and that important keywords are used wisely and prioritized appropriately using relevant Heading tags. We also make sure that W3C tools validate every HTML and CSS file.