SEO: How can it work for you?

September 11, 2014

SEO: How can it work for you?



There are millions of websites on the Internet. This handsome figure is comprised of existing (old websites), relatively new and those recently launched. With so many websites lurking in cyberspace, it’s a challenge for webmasters to maintain a strong online presence in search engine results page. SEO was specifically designed to assist webmasters in creating and maintaining their online presence, provided that it’s done the right way. Whether you’re a veteran to the world of websites or you’re what I’d call a novice, a newbie (you get the drift), you can benefit from SEO practices since SEO helps to:

  • Increase web page prominence

As aforementioned in the previous paragraph, there are many websites residing on the Internet. Therefore, it’s pivotal that webmasters and publishers construct web content in such a way that their brand stands out above the rest. In order to coil content in such a way that it stands out and maintain its uniqueness, webmasters can opt to employ SEO techniques. boost web trafficThis aspect of SEO encapsulates playing with rich keywords. Since using keywords to achieve website visibility includes using specific keywords in the appropriate locations within an article, it’s important that webmasters do what’s necessary to ensure that this practice is maintained. Google is a lover of long tail keywords. In fact, the best results are ascertained when a phrase is searched against a word. Therefore, a good tactic to implement is the use of long tail keywords since it provides better results when a search is done.

The use of keywords also allows you target a specific group. As a result, when certain keywords or phrases are typed into search engines, your web page is displayed on Google’s first results page, provided that you have been employing strong SEO techniques and your keywords are targeting a specific area, people etc.

SEO ensures that strategic words are included, thus giving the needed boost to the web page’s prominence in search engine results. The position of your web content is a major factor in determining whether or not a user visits or even sees your web page or site. Let’s be frank, who really searches through all the sites derived from a web search? Not me. The vast majority of internet users feel the same.

  • Increase accessibility

Websites thrive on traffic. As mentioned before, it allows the webmaster to target a specific group of people or race. For example: a motor vehicle dealer specializing in second hand motor vehicles would want to ensure that he employs SEO tactics that would allow his web page to pop-up primarily in the search results for people seeking that specific product. The beauty of SEO is that even though it’s targeted, it’s not narrow or restrictive. While it can apply to a specific group, it can be applied to the world- globally. This means that although there is a specific target, the brand is still accessible to Internet users who may want a new car, car tyres, car maintenance tips and even car chargers. Many businesses have the potential to excel. However, they’re not marketing their products the way it ought to be marketed. SEO definitely satisfies that need. By properly utilizing SEO tactics, this will guarantee a steady and consistent flow of traffic to your web page. This builds brand identity.

  • Brand Identity

your siteWhat comes to mind when you hear the name Beyonce or the brand Victoria Secret? By now you must understand what we are driving at. If you’re a door to door insurance sales man, would you not want your name/brand to be synonymous with insurance? The same principle should apply to our web pages. By making our web pages more accessible, we build our brand identity. As a result, more people will become familiar with what we have to offer, more visits equal more customers, more customers will eventually lead to success. Therefore, when website owners invest in SEO they’re investing in their success. The goal of proper SEO techniques is to build YOU, yes you, a solid Beyonce-like online identity.

While the above mentioned are just a few ways how SEO can work for you, they’re several other reasons why it can be applied to your business. If you want to assume the challenge of boosting your online presence, here are some SEO tactics that you can implement. They’re not rocket science. They just need your effort, time, resources and a little cash.

Common SEO Tactics:

  1. Quality Web Content: The most important aspect of SEO is the use of QUALITY WEB CONTENT. That is most important to customers since that’s what will keep them returning. The harsh reality is, there are others offering the same product or service as you’re offering. Hence, you have to provide something unique that will keep people visiting your site, instead of others. You must make yourself stand out, but how?
    1. The content must be top-notch, clear and informative
    2. Content must be consistent and expertly given
    3. Content must provide some value to the reader.
  2. Keyword Research: Of great importance also is the use of proper keywords. This is very essential if the web page is even to be found. keyword researchThese words directly affect where your content will appear in Google’s search results as it seeks to use words and phrases often associated with the specific content. How does this help your website?
    1. Increases visibility
    2. It narrows in on what users are actually searching for.
  3. Social Media Integration: This is the integration of websites with social media platforms in order to drive traffic. Many businesses have seen the wisdom behind this. In fact, this has led to business social pages – including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn accounts etc. The facts are clear: Social Media Integration can benefit you, how?
    1. Expands the span of your business’ network
    2. Boosts site credibility
    3. Increase in profits
    4. Increase search engine ranking.
  4. Link Building: This is the process of linking your website to other websites bearing authority or has a strong and consistent following. This is no simple feat. However, this tactic along with others will definitely improve your web prominence. How can link building benefit me?
    1. Reach a wider market
    2. Increases site traffic
  5. Mobile Search Optimizing: Many individuals browse the Internet by using their smartphones. Websites must be optimized in such a way that they’re able to facilitate mobile browsing. How can mobile search optimization benefit me?
    1. Adds versatility
    2. Content is extremely accessible to your target market
    3. More traffic since users browse regularly from mobile devices.

compare cellphonesBy recognizing the importance of SEO and how it immensely affects a website’s visibility and prominence, webmasters will do well to employ the tactics that are aforementioned. According to Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing, “On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.” This means that when used effectively, SEO can have the same effect as using any other avenues such as TV and radio for marketing. By implementing the tactics above, this will provide you with the stamina needed as you allow SEO to work for them.



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