The Best SEO Techniques to Learn

December 9, 2014

The Best SEO Techniques to Learn

The whole journey of making a popular website is not an easy one by any means. There are a number of different things that a person needs to keep in their mind, and it is also very important to make sure that you remain devoted to the website. While creating a website itself is not as difficult (you can easily choose a template online and get cheap hosting for it), making the website more visible and accessible to the visitors in your niche is the most important part. For instance, if you have created an online shopping website that provides a range of different clothing items, how do you get people to order from your page?

It is very likely that there will be a whole host of different websites within your region that will also be providing the same products such as yours, so how do you attract visitors to your page and beat off the competition? Through search engine optimization! You might have noticed that whenever you search for a keyword on Google, the search results that are returned are ranked; there’s the first link, the second link and so on. Most people don’t even bother going to the second page, which means that the links on the first page get the most amount of content. The following SEO techniques are the best to learn:

SEO Articles

Article Submissions

Writing articles with directed keywords for your page and submitting them to article directories is one of the most effective ways to market your website and make it more popular. There are a whole host of different article directories that you can submit your articles to, and if you include a link at the end of the article regarding the website itself, then you are definitely going to attract visitors. Google crawlers actively search through the different websites in order to find out whether they are legitimate or not, and the content that you upload is also read through. As a result, make sure that all of the articles that are written are done so in a proper manner, without any grammatical errors.

Learning how to write effective articles for your website is a very important part of search engine optimization, and it helps significantly in building up your website’s repertoire. Previously, most people would just find the right keywords, and would just get content spun for it. Unfortunately, Google has cracked down hard on such practices, and all content that is uploaded to the website or any article directories must be properly written. Even if it does get accepted by the article directories (highly unlikely!), Google’s crawler’s will make sure that your website gets a negative!

Research on Your Keywords

In the previous paragraph, we talked all about the importance of writing appropriate articles that are based upon a certain keyword and then uploading them to different article directories. Now, what keyword will you use here? A keyword is basically any word or phrase that an individual will type in to the address bar in order to get results pertaining to their query. Provided how close you’re optimized keywords are and how well they are optimized, the ranking of your page will vary. Knowing which keywords to use is very important. You can use numerous statistical tools in order to view the most popular keywords in a certain niche in the past month of year, which will give you a clear idea of the keywords that you need to target.

However, there are specialized programs that you can use as well in order to find out the most appropriate keywords that you need to use. Sometimes, these keywords may not make sense, since most people even write in shortened writing styles, but you will have to target those keywords as well. If you don’t, the other competitors in your niche might, and hence they will take advantage to get an upper hand on you.



One of the most underrated, yet highly important optimization techniques that you need to use is backlinking. Backlinking is basically the amount of links that are incoming to your page. If there are a greater number of back links which lead straight to your website, it is likely that your page is more legitimate and has some valuable information. This effect is compounded if the links come from a number of different websites and not just one, and also if the links are sent from websites that are in the same category as the original link. Most people, at this point would be thinking that they could just place random links on the web that lead back to their page. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. You need to post the links in a subtle manner. For instance, you could join a forum and then post the links at the end of every post that you make on that forum, or you could start commenting on different blog posts that tackle the same topics such as the ones mentioned on your website. Either way, make sure that the places where you post the links are pertaining to the category of your own website. Effective back linking requires a lot of thought and careful input, and it is certainly not as easy as most people might make it out to be.

Effective SEO Is all about how good your website can be, and how relevant it is for the user depending upon the keyword they’ve put in. As a result, it is important to focus on the optimization of your website itself. Make sure that the content is easy to read and navigate through, and you should also make sure that you optimize your website accordingly. Make sure that the content has been placed in a proper manner, so that it is easy to read through for the average user, and that there are appropriate pictures and videos on the website too, as these also have a major impact upon its visibility.



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