Remarketing As a Tool to Increase Website Conversion Rate

April 13, 2014

Remarketing As a Tool to Increase Website Conversion Rate

retargetingHave you noticed that a lot of traffic comes to your website, look through the products or services, but don’t purchase anything? Perhaps they do not like the price or they are in the process of selection, so they postpone the purchase indefinitely. You cannot lose this traffic, because they are your potential customers. You can influence users, who have shown interest in your site with the help of remarketing.

The concept of retargeting

Retargeting is a special advertising mechanism by which help to change the focus of your users to a particular object. Object is an internet advertising associated with the special landing page or item so that the user previously visited.

Remarketing helps not to display ads across the internet, but on specific areas or for certain search queries. At the expense of targeting the website owner can select the most relevant sites. This improves the efficiency of the impact on the target users.

The mechanism of remarketing

Let’s have a look at a specific example of remarketing. Suppose the user came to the website of auto dealer. He goes through the pages of the catalog and look for a particular model car, but does not place an order. When visiting some pages Google stores information about a visitor in a special cookie file on the computer and the list of users that is in the system of Google AdWords contextual advertising. This occurs due to the presence of a special tag on the site authorizing to enter the data into the system.
The user leaves the site, but information about it is stored in the system. After a while a person comes to the content-based sites or Google introduces search query on automotive topics. The system reads the cookies and shows, first of all, those advertisements that lead to a site where the user has previously been.

In what cases and for whom you should use remarketing

You can influence almost all users who have visited your website at least once. The strategy of “total coverage” allows you to show all visitors the information about new products, promotions, offers. For more narrow targeting users can be divided into categories. In this case, the visitors who looked through the catalog of the website, will be shown the information about new products or discounts, but those who just read the article will see information on new publications and ongoing activities.
Separately, you can create a group of users who have added an item to the cart, but did not make a purchase. It is important to keep the attention of these people and remind them about your products and services, reminding them to make the purchase.
With remarketing you can affect not only the users who have not made the purchase on the site, but also those who have contributed to an increase in conversion. Buyers should be informed about new, current promotions. Another reminder will get people’s attention to your website and motivate them to proceed to checkout.



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