Regional Promotion for Websites

August 17, 2013

Regional Promotion for Websites

Website promotion of companies with regional specifics has its own characteristics. It’s no secret that the search results depend on the region of the user. In this article we will discuss how to optimize websites of the company with several branches in different regions.

Geo spatial queries

About 30% of all searches are GEO spatial, in response to which the user wants to get information about services, products, businesses or events in a specific city, state or country. So let’s say a user is looking for a web design company. If the user is in Boston, he/she is more likely to search for a “web design in Boston” rather than just “web design”.

How to promote website in several regions

Website promotion in general and a promotion in one or more regions slightly differ from each other. First of all define all the regions for which you want to be found. Make sure that the site is tied to all the regions of interest. Include contact details of all the regional offices, register all the offices in Google maps.

If your company offers the same products or services on the same terms in different regions, it is not necessarily to create individual pages or sub-domains for each region (if less than 7 regions). Websites with just a few regions can be promoted in all regions with the same landing page. Thus the design and content of the page must reflect the fact that they will be shown to people in different regions. For example, if you have two branches – in Boston and New York – enter both contacts on the page.

If the information (not just contact) for different regions is different, it is recommended to creat separate landing pages or have subdomains for each reagion. For example, or Then each sub-domain can be registered in search engines, given specific region and promoted as a separate site. This is particularly relevant if your business id represented in more than 7 regions.

General recommendations for the promotion of regional

The site content has to be unique and interesting – it is the main rule of website optimization. If you have a separate regional pages or regional sub-domains, it is useful to specify the name of the region in the texts.

It is advisable to get references from the large and high-quality sites that have the same regional identity, as well as links to the quality of thematic areas without reference to the region. You can also use the region links to the texts of regional sites.





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