SEO Boston’s Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

The privacy of our visitors is important to us. In order to protect the sensitivity of your information, we’ve provided guidelines on not only how your information is gathered but how it’s used. Your information is your personal property and as such it’s your responsibility to determine how and when it is used. The information presented on this page details our privacy policy and only applies to users of and it’s associated domains.

The Information We Collect

At SEOBoston we collect both personal and non-personal information. Its not required that you register to use our website and so we have to collect sufficient information as possible to better serve our readers and monitor their activities onsite. Personal information is collected from the contact form and includes your name and email as well as other relevant information that you left in the comment field. On the other hand, non-personal information includes your browser type, your operating system, which pagesof our site you have visited, when you visited those pages and if you returned to the website from a previous visit. Any other information accumulated is similar in nature to your non-personal information. Why do we collect your personal and non-personal information? To better serve, monitor and control the content on SEOBoston. It’s of interest to note that we do not share your information with third parties. The information we collect is only used internally and not distributed. If we’re contacted via our contact form, your email address will be used to provide responses to any inquiries made by you. The email address provided to us will also be added to our in-house mailing list which will provide you with the biweekly newsletter tips on Website Development, Marketing and Industry News. As an addition to our mailing list, we may alert you on our updates, blog posts and events when such may arise.

Our ‘Cookie’ Placement

SEOBoston will place an electronic cookie on your browser. This cookie has no malicious intent and is only added to your browser to keep track of what you do onsite. Our electronic cookies do not allow us remote access to your personal computer, but they do allow us to monitor what you do on This is another way in which we collect information in order to improve the marketing strategies we implement.This cookie also allows us to remarket the visual or video ad of SEOBoston to show up on Facebook, Google, Google’s Affiliated Display Networks partners (3rd Party websites) and YouTube. Information about how your visitors can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.Alternatively, opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting theNetwork Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

The Privacy of your Children

The privacy of children is of utmost importance. SEOBoston was not developed with any age restriction in mind. As such, we don’t collect or store the personal and non-personal information. While we cannot prevent children from using our website, we do exhort them to exercise reasonable care when viewing its content.


Once you’ve stumbled upon or visited, you’ve already accepted our online privacy policy. If you don’t wish to comply with the information stated onsite, please close this domain (www.SEOBoston) or navigate to another domain with similar content. Please be advised that it’s our legal duty to make whatever changes and updates to the contents of this privacy policy with or without providing adequate notifications.

How you Can Contact Us

If you’d like to reach out to us, you can contact us by using the ‘Contact Us’ page or the information provided below:

SEO Boston is located at:
745 Boylston Street, Suite 202
Boston, MA 02116
P. (617) 648-0126