Optimizing an Entertainment Website: 5 Things to Start with

January 31, 2015

Optimizing an Entertainment Website: 5 Things to Start with

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An entertainment website is essentially an online business that depends entirely on website traffic to earn money. This makes the rules a little different for this particular type of website, things can be a little tricky. You can’t apply the same formula that works so well for websites that represent a physical business, where transactions sometimes take place but the website exists mostly for marketing rather than generating revenue, because their users visit the website to glean information as quickly as possible, whereas an entertainment website needs to make sure that they stay and watch as much content as possible. What all of this means is that you definitely have a lot on your plate if you have an entertainment website that you need to optimize, but here are 5 tips that can help you get started:

  • Keep updating your content: you need people to visit your website every day. They won’t do that unless they know that they’ll have something good to see. This is why you need to keep posting content as regularly as possible. Try to post enough content that people have to stay on your website for a long time to get through all of it. If the content is good enough, there is a good chance that most users will do so, which increases the chance that one of them will click on one of your ads. Aim to release 8-10 new pieces of text based content or 3-5 pieces of video based content at the very least on a daily basis. This differs from how promotional websites should treat their content. They are usually advised to do the opposite of this, to update their content but also to keep change to a minimum, so that people can continue to come to the pages they need to get to in order to get the information that they want.
  • Vary your content: try to keep your content diverse. This will help you create more content as well. Try to cover the news in an entertaining way, you don’t have to have a five o’clock news bulletin, just scan news outlets for funny news stories, research them yourself, and present them in your own, entertaining way. Try to approach your upload schedule as you would a TV schedule, if you make skits, assign different cast members to different genres and label it a new show, for example one can be an improv show and the other can be script based. You can also make a show based on audience interaction, whereby your cast members and hosts, essentially people on the front end of your site that have the most recognisability, read comments from followers and fans and answer their questions in entertaining ways. Don’t make your content entirely video or text based. If your site is text heavy, have bloggers upload articles to keep the content flowing.
  • Place emphasis on social media: more and more people are getting their entertainment from the internet, and very soon these people will become the vast majority. It is simply more convenient, and this works in your favour. People are constantly searching for new content, and, if and when they find it, they almost always subscribe to the social media accounts owned by the content creator. Hence, you need to maintain social media accounts on as many websites as you can. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, try to dedicate one person or an entire team to updating social media. Post and tweet about your new content, repost it in case someone missed out on it, share pictures funny incidences that occur at the office through Instagram. A lot of people stay faithful to content creators simply because they like their personality, so try to make yourself and your company come across as approachable everymen. Encourage your bloggers and the hosts of your videos, basically your cast of entertainers, to tweet as well about their workplace activities and new content that they have worked on, and advertise all of their twitter accounts in all of the relevant content. Also, try to upload your video based content to YouTube as well. A lot of people go to YouTube to find entertaining content, and the YouTube community is very welcoming. YouTube also shares ad revenue with popular uploaders so this can result in an additional revenue stream.
  • Initiate a perpetual SEO campaign: search engine optimization for an entertainment website is an entirely different beast from SEO in general. Your content is your product, hence your product changes every day, which means that what people search for in relation to your company will change every day. Your keywords, apart from certain constants such as the name of your company, shows, columns, hosts and bloggers, should be updated every day. Look for what people tweet about when referring to your website, use those keywords to optimize your search engine visibility. The dialogue from your shows might evolve into catch phrases, integrate this into your search engine optimization.
  • Start a subscription system: you need people to keep coming back, and there is no better way to do that than to make them subscribe to your website. Once you have their emails, you can keep sending them updates regarding new content, but make it absolutely clear while you are taking your users email address that you inform them that you will be sending them emails. You could also dabble in making premium content that would only be available to paying subscribers. This is a great way to create a revenue stream apart from ads. You can offer better quality content that is free of ads as a perk, nobody likes ads after all, but be very careful: people that get their entertainment from the internet, especially your followers from the current generation, do not look to such things kindly, and it could backfire and result in a loss of loyal followers as well as bad press.



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