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70% of industrial professionals use search engines when comparing and evaluating potential suppliers;while84% of industrial professionals use the Internet to find components, equipment and services.(Global Spec 2013 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector)

I n 2016, you need to make it a priority to make Internet Marketing the primary emphasis of your distribution and sales channel. A campaign that would encompass the entire vital and current web marketing avenues such as:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • E-Bay and Amazon Storefront Set up & Optimization
  • Google Merchant Feed Integration
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

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O nce the traffic reaches your website from these avenues there needs to bea proper Sales Flow Optimization created to fine-tune those conversions. One of the highest converting tactics in marketing today is through a process called “retargeting” (aka “remarketing”). Retargeting is utilized when a visitor chooses not to do the business with you initially and leaves your website. You can then retarget that visitor and offer him/her discounts, sales or a simple reminder that you want their business.

I n fact, a recent study by a RoboLizard concluded the effectiveness of such strategy pushes a typical conversion rate from 5% for a typical visitor to the 25% which is nearly 1 in every 4 visitors converting into a customer. Just imagine if a quarter of your returning visitors became buying customers all because of a small adjustment you can do today. Currently you might be saying fair well to potential customers everyday and don’t even know it.

A t SEO Boston we got all of those skills mentioned above. We can track and optimize your conversions and we can literally help to propel your business in 2015 to performance heights that will leave your competitors in dust. We are a leading Boston SEO and Internet Marketing firm with a passion and never ending curiosity for search engine performance and social network marketing. We passionately believe in continuous perfection of our marketing techniques so we can offer our clients only the innovative and most important effective ways to capture customers.

W hile being a passionate and bold company we also understand that our clients entrusted us the success of their livelihoods and we don’t take this responsibility lightly, in fact sustainable effective performance is what we thrive on. That is why we always do things the right way without cutting cornersor trying to score a quick buck so that our clients get only the best and tested strategies for optimal conversions. The 8 years of success for our clients is what earned us a stellar reputation in Boston and Nationwide and we hope to expand this success to your marketing performance this year. Give us a call and let’s set-up your first free consultation and discuss the different avenues of marketing that we can utilize to propel your business in this year of possibilities.