Local Directories Can Truly Help Your Local Business To Grow

August 4, 2011

Local Directories Can Truly Help Your Local Business To Grow

Local directories have gained prominence and taken their rightful place in search engine optimization (SEO). Gone are the old days when everyone was clamoring to purchase yellow pages. Increasing number of Internet users visit local directories to search for painters, gyms, attorneys, doctors and other businesses in their areas.Local Directories

The boom in the sales of mobile computing devices, such as, smartphones, tablets and laptops, has opened up new ways of locating businesses online while on the go. We’ve become very attached to mobile communication devices and services that enable us to locate local restaurants, clubs and businesses, amongst other listable places and ventures that used to appear in paper-style directories.

Getting your business listed in all major local directories in your area of operation is an ideal starting point of local SEO. Doing so is beneficial in so many ways – it will help you to build a solid online presence in your locale and it will help search engines to effortlessly assign the proper location to your business. Moreover, local business directories generate direct traffic that often results to physical visits and purchases.

Only local directories allow business owners to include their physical addresses, phone numbers and location maps. These personal details help businesses like yours to easily win the trust of potential customers. Proven studies show that consumers have strong inclination to trust local companies whose contact addresses and phone numbers are verified by their local business directories.

Even though it’s recommended to also submit your links to general and niche directories, to give your site a broader exposure, without getting listed in local directories, chances are that your website won’t rank well in Google local search results. Moreover, Bing is notorious for incorrectly assigning wrong locations to businesses, especially if the sites are hosted in different locations. For example, if you own a local Boston business, but are hosting your site on a server based in the UK, Bing will most likely assign your location to the UK. But, getting your site listed in Boston local directories will effectively fix this issue.

Several Boston local directories offer free link listings, as well as product and service advertising. However, not all local directory resources have what it takes to effectively expose listed businesses to the local audience.

The benefits of local business directories to businesses:

  • Your business site will get a better ranking in organic local search results.
  • Local directories strictly enlist only businesses that operate within predefined areas. So, it’s natural that potential customers in your locale will flock to them whenever they look for certain products and services.
  • Some people don’t like purchasing things online from companies they don’t know- they simply want to walk in and talk face-to-face with real human beings. They can count on you when they know your face and exactly where to find you.
  • Local directories are a fine way to find things in your area that you didn’t know existed.



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