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Learn How SEO Hosting Can Help Your Business To Grow

May 4, 2011

Learn How SEO Hosting Can Help Your Business To Grow

SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting

The struggle to gain high rankings of websites and web pages in organic search results has led to strong and often bitter competitions over the years among webmasters and SEO practitioners. Naturally, every site owner wants to get his/her site to outperform competitors’ sites for chosen keywords and key phrases. The main issue is that the regular SEO is almost past its prime and new search engine optimization techniques are taking over. And one of those new technologies that are making tremendous marks in improving search rankings of websites across the globe is known as SEO hosting.

SEO hosting is a form of shared web hosting service that enables a client to host multiple domains with a single account and assign each of the domains a dedicated IP address. This helps when you create multiple websites and cross-link them together, in order to increase traffic and sales. Hosting several cross-linking domains that share an IP address does not help one’s SEO efforts, but instead, may hurt the domains. All the top search engines, namely Google, Bing, Blekko and Ask, take into account the IP addresses of websites from which links originate. So, you cannot fool their algorithms, if you use a shared IP address. SEO hosting helps webmasters to sidestep this problem by allowing them to assign dedicated IP addresses to each domain. It helps to keep web hosting budget low, since it eliminates the need to purchase different hosting accounts, in order to get different IP addresses. Another benefit is that it is cheaper than purchasing VPS or dedicated server hosting services.

One of the result-oriented ways SEO hosting works is getting multiple sites belonging to one business to link to the main business website. Search engine algorithms perceive the inbound links come from different IP addresses that aren’t related. The algorithms subsequently assign higher ranking to the main site than what it would have achieved using a shared IP address. SEO hosting helps a webmaster to build relevant and trusted backlinks, without having to worry about getting others involved.

An important tip is to use targeted keywords and key phrases as anchor texts for your links, to help rank your site and web pages in organic search for those terms. However, SEO hosting needs to be handled carefully, because there’s a fine line between what is acceptable to search engines and black hat SEO techniques. If you don’t fully grasp how the technology works best for businesses like yours, may have to consult with a reputable SEO specialist for guidelines.



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