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Key To Dominate Search Engine Rankings For Targeted Keywords

June 9, 2011

Key To Dominate Search Engine Rankings For Targeted Keywords

Dominate Search Engine Results

Dominate Search Engine Results

Owing to the way current Internet search engines are programmed to function, search engine optimization will continue to play a prominent role in the success and/or failure web-based businesses and other online endeavors. There are billions of websites on the Internet aiming to gain attention from web users. But traffic doesn’t come easily by folding hands and waiting for it to arrive at your door – it has to be earned. That’s where SEO comes into play! Only websites and web pages that are well-optimized for search engines generate substantial targeted traffic that can turn visitors into customers. With an experienced hand performing search engine optimization (SEO) for your site, the site’s visibility in organic search results will be improved. When someone searches for keywords relevant to the content you offer, your site needs to be displayed at the top of SERPs, in order to generate high click-through rates. Since studies prove that most Internet searchers don’t have the patience to navigate past the first page of SERPs, it is very important to make sure your website and its inner pages rank at the top of that very first page.

Result-oriented SEO strategies:
SEO yields positive results, if it is performed by someone who religiously follows the ever-changing search algorithm ranking factors, is truly well-informed about search engine guidelines for webmasters and fully understands what needs to be done. Yes, it’s true that almost anybody can perform SEO, but only result-oriented SEO is what generates enormous traffic that subsequently increases return on investment (ROI). You don’t just optimize a website the same way a different site is optimized – you have to first of all try to understand some key elements. The best way to understand these key elements is to conduct detailed research on (1) the search trend of your site’s targeted audience, (2) the keywords and key phrases the target audience type into search engines when looking for the products/services related to what your site offers, and (3) the search engines they prefer to use.

  1. The search pattern of target audience – Having a perfect understanding of the search trend of the actual consumers of your type of products and/or services is a major key to optimizing your site and inner pages to suit their taste.
  2. The keywords and key phrases the target audience input into search forms – You don’t have to optimize some generic keywords you assume are okay, but instead, do extensive keyword research to find out the particular terms in your niche that have the highest search volumes in your locale and internationally. Also check the keywords that have the highest click-through rates and the competitions for them. You can use good keyword tools like Google Keyword Tool External ( to find out all these details.
  3. The particular search engines your target audience prefers to use – Finding out the very search engines they use while trying to reach out for sites like yours will help you to know how to optimize your site for that search engine. Search engines are programmed differently by different software engineers, and SEO for each one is slightly different. For example, you don’t have to optimize your site for Baidu the same way you optimize the same site for Google. Each one has its set of rules guiding webmasters.

When you have a full grasp of the above-mentioned key points, you can then proceed to implement result-oriented SEO, based on your knowledge of what is exactly required of you. This is the type of groundwork that actually makes a lot of difference in search engine optimization.



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