Is your site getting high search ranking for your chosen keywords without much traffic?

August 18, 2011

Is your site getting high search ranking for your chosen keywords without much traffic?

It’s the same old story – you optimize your site and inner web pages, and they eventually gain top SERP rankings for your chosen keywords, and then you realize there’s literally no traffic. Yes, it’s very frustrating to spend countless precious time, energy and in some cases money to optimize a site for search engines, muscle your way into the top ten listings, and yet, no visitor.

Crowded Search Results

Crowded Search Results

Today we’re going to discuss a couple of factors that cause high SERP ranking without delivering the expected traffic.

Your link is not being clicked on:
You have to understand that top ranking is only one step of generating traffic to your website. Human beings actually have to click on your SERP listing, and if no one clicks on it, you won’t get the desired traffic. Except relying on the gross statistics on click-through rates by ranking, it’s difficult to know the actual click-through data on organic search engine results pages. Gladly, GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) has lately started to provide more needed data for webmasters under “Your site on the web” -> “Search queries”. You need to ask yourself why your top ranking is not being clicked on. As follows are two of the reasons:

  • You’re being outclassed by your competitors. In some cases, even though your web page is being listed on the first page of SERPs, the other listings are irresistible offers, classy copywriting and popular brands. Study the other listed websites, to understand why Internet searchers prefer them to you. On the other hand, check to see if any other listed site is misrepresenting your brand. If that occurs, that would make searchers to somehow doubt your company and link. The search engines we have today do not isolate their rankings, hence, searchers choose links to click on based on cues from the rest of search engine results pages.
  • Your listing looks like spam. Some webmasters work so hard to get their sites to rank high that they pay less attention to the human element of searching. If your link’s title and description are not well-constructed and written, people will be bound to consider it as web spam. Put yourself in the shoes of web searchers, in order to see how they feel when they come across a listing with keyword-stuffed title and link description. If you can’t write good grammar, hire a content writer cum SEO expert to craft your link title and description in a way to captivate searchers.

Your keywords don’t convert:
Another reason for low traffic is that you apparently didn’t perform an in-depth keyword research before optimizing your site. Not every keyword you “feel” is relevant to your niche delivers high CTR (click-through rates). If your keyword doesn’t match the intent of searchers, or the search volume is low, or the click-through rate is very low, visitors won’t pour into your site.

So, now what are you going to do?
Even though this is frustrating, it’s time to find an SEO specialist who will dig deeper into why you’re not getting traffic, as well as use result-oriented SEO strategies and white hat techniques to deliver the goodies to you.



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