Increase Your Blog’s Placement With These Simple Tweaks

November 10, 2014

Increase Your Blog’s Placement With These Simple Tweaks


Your website and what it contains is a very powerful tool. It cannot only build your brand but it can also become a great avenue in receiving new leads, clients and customers. In particular, your blog is a great resource you can utilize to generate leads, develop trust and relationships with people within your niche, demonstrate your expertise on your niche and position yourself as a leader in your niche. All of these benefits can only benefit you if you actually utilize your blog and on a frequent basis.

As for SEO, blogging is hugely powerful and can be a strategic way to rank better in the search engines. The more frequent you publish new blog posts it will incite more crawling from Google’s bots, create more keyword verticals, generate social signals, attract new external links pointing towards your web page and most importantly drive more traffic.

No matter the value of a blog, it doesn’t really matter or help any if you are not properly optimizing it for your readers and search engines. There are many fixes and improvements that can be made through a few SEO practices and tweaks that can easily be made. Let’s review some of the top ways to organize your bog so it improves from a SEO standpoint.

Include Related Posts

One of the most important parts of a blog is including a great way to find other content that is relevant and, of course, keeps your visitor on your website. When someone hits your website, the goal is to keep them on there as long as possible isn’t it? Whether you are trying to sell them a service or product or you have an information blog with ads; offering related posts after a blog post can increase visitor’s time spent on your website.

If you have content that is buried underneath pages and links that are difficult to find your viewers will more than likely leave your page. Having related posts front and center after a blog post can entice visitors to stay on your website. Not only does this help keep visitors on your site but it also is great for the search engines to notice new blog posts in addition to relevant content that connects to search queries.

If you have a blog utilizing the content management system WordPress, then it is fairly easy to add related posts to your blog. Just search “related posts” in plugins and there are several that work great.


Utilize Categories Correctly

The categories section of your blog is another great way to leverage your blog in the search engines. Besides making it easier for your visitors to find similar content and topics on your website, categories can assist classify and funnel your blog posts into topically themed pages, which can open up new opportunities in your search engine rankings.

There are several ways to leverage your categories correctly, these include:

  • Always make sure that when you add a blog post to a category that it is total original to that category. Do not add content that is so similar that it is practically just reworded. The search engines will be paying close attention to your categories so make sure to feed them new and original content.
  • Never choose more than one category per post. This can confuse the search engines and it may give your site a red flag for duplicate content. Stay on the safe side and only choose one category per post.
  • Do not go over board on the amount of categories that you have. This is of course depending on the size of your site but in general do not have anymore than 10 to 15 categories. If you have a lot of categories it can become to be difficult to choose which category to place your blog post in addition to possible organization issues.

Offer Sharing Buttons

By offering multiple social media platforms to share your content, it is an easy way to prompt sharing in addition to driving new traffic recently untapped. Your content will be able to be easily distributed across different social platforms and will expose you to your visitor’s networks (which could be your new fans). From an SEO standpoint, when your content is shared over multiple social media platforms it increase the possibility that your site will be mentions and linked to.

Another great positive that comes from share buttons is it helps your content become discovered faster; the faster it is discovers, the sooner it will pop-up in the search engines. Even more importantly though, is that Google is beginning to gather social data and in return impacts your rankings in the search engines. Every time your blog post is shared on a social media platform and liked, commented, favorite or viewed is called a social signal. These social signals are, to some degree, a new form of backlinks and can increase your chances to rank higher in the search engines.

Utilize Proper Formatting

I think most people would agree that reading a chunky article that has no headers, sub-headers, pictures, bolding or at the very least italicizing, can be a bit stale and boring. The search engines agree with you so don’t worry your not the only one. By having proper formatting it can help not only your viewers understand the content but the search engines at well.

By breaking up the text with headers or bold text, it makes it easier to read in addition to pointing out what is important in the content.

By helping the search engines understand your content better, it will increase your likelihood of receiving higher ranking for a multitude of keywords. A great way to include some user0friendly formatting is including lists. Everyone loves to read lists and they are very easy to understand. Once again the search engines would agree with you, it likes lists and loves to rank them because it displays content in an easy way to understand and, in reality, that is the search engines goal, to provide you with content that is easy to understand that answers your search query.

These few simple tweaks can greatly increase your chances in better ranking in the search engines in addition to building your trust and authority with your viewership. By applying these techniques you will be making the search engine and your life a whole lot easier.



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