The Importance of Meta Tags for SEO and Website Promotion

October 30, 2013

The Importance of Meta Tags for SEO and Website Promotion

On-site optimization is the foundation of promoting a website in search engines. One of the most important components of on-site optimization are meta tags. The influence of each of the meta tags is discussed below.

Effect of meta tags for website promotion

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1. Meta Title tag

This tag has the most effect on the website promotion. Its content is displayed in the search results, as well as the title of the page in the browser. As a rule, keywords and key phrases must be used in the title tag. It should be noted that in some CMSs the title tag is by default the same the page title. For the SEO purposes sometimes it’s better to make sure that the contents of the header/page title and the title tag are different.

2. Meta Description Tag

Meta description is second important component of website source optimization after title tag. This meta tag tells the search engines what the page is about. Naturally, its content must also include keywords and key phrases. The peculiarity of the meta description tag is that the search engine Google is using its contents to generate snippets. Snippet is the text that appears below the link to the website in search results. Thus, using the meta description tag webmasters can affect the snippet. It should be noted that a well compiled snippet significantly increases the click through rate.

3. Meta Keywords tag

According to most SEO specialists, meta keywords tag does not affect the rankings of the website. But in any case, you should include in this section keywords and key phrases describing your website. You don’t need to copy every single keyword of your website. Choose a few that describe your website the best.

4 . Meta Robots Tag

By using this meta tag, you can tell search engines the following:

  • whether or not to index the page ;
  • whether to pass link juice to websites linked from this page .

These two are regulating parameters: index / noindex, follow / nofollow. Accordingly, index / noindex responsible for indexing the page, and follow / nofollow for the transfer of link juice .

Pay close attention to filling the meta tags because they have a direct impact on rankings and results you will achieve through SEO!



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