The Importance of Backlinking in SEO

March 2, 2015

The Importance of Backlinking in SEO

There are two things that will be discussed here: the search engine, backlinking, and search engine optimization/. What will also be discussed is the relationship between each of these three facets of the Internet. If one were to try to understand what the facets are exactly, it would come down to basic definition of the terminology.

SEO Backlinking

A backlink is essentially a link that leads back to the original website that has been placed in a different source. It is basically a link that accesses one web page from a different web page. A search engine is essentially software that searches the internet for all of the web pages contained within and archives them in real time through the use of programs called web crawlers as well as certain algorithms. A search engine may hence be used to search this vast directory of web sites and web pages with the use of keywords. The search results are then arranged in a list based on the popularity of each page. This makes the search engine a potentially useful tool in the arsenal of a business, considering the fact that, in today’s modern marketplace, a business is only as successful as its website.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. Search engine optimization essentially means creating a website that is more likely to rank highly on a search engine web search, and optimizing your website in order for it to become as detectable as possible by the search engines web crawlers. There are several ways of doing this, but an extremely popular way is through the use of the aforementioned back links.

Search engines rank websites in their search results based on their popularity, and they gauge this popularity through the amount of links that lead back to the website. One of the ways said popularity is judged is through the amount of back links that lead back to the website in question. This makes backlinking essential to the rank of your webpage in a search engine results page. However, these back links should contain anchor text in them. The more backlinks with anchor text you have, the higher your rank will be on a search results page.

Another aspect of search engine optimization that backlinking helps you with is indexing. Indexing is basically a term used to describe whether or not a website has been discovered by web crawlers, as it is only after web crawlers discover a website that they index it and it will start appearing in search results. So, essentially, if your site has been indexed, it will appear in search results. All websites are eventually indexed, but what you need to think about is how quickly your website is indexed. Backlinking is essential in this aspect of search engine optimization because the more backlinks there are across the internet that lead to your website, the more quickly your website will be discovered and indexed by web crawlers and thus discoverable through a web search via a search engine.

However, it should be mentioned that, while backlinking is essential to a good search engine optimization initiative, you should be wary of the quantity over quality approach. A lot of website owners and Search Engine Optimization specialists create to websites and try to create a lot of backlinking between the two. Others try to just generate a lot of links through other websites; in fact, there are entire websites that earn money through the creation of fake links for other websites, people turning fake links into an entire business. This will not work, as web crawlers won’t rank such sites very high on search result pages. Google, especially, is extremely sensitive to websites “cheating” and trying to appear more popular than they really are, and often penalizes websites that attempt to do things like this. So, before you try to make those fake back links or try to cheat the system in any way, think about the fact that it might end up doing you, your website and your business more harm than good, no matter what the search engine optimization companies say.

The way to go about using backlinking to optimize your search engine potential is to create natural links from websites that relate to your product line and content. Web crawlers love natural links built over time, especially back links that come from social media websites, which can, incidentally, become an outstanding source of back links for your website. Additionally, web crawlers can detect whether a back link is coming from a website that is related to the content your website provides, so, for example, if your website sells clothes online, a back link from a stationery website won’t do much in the way of upping your search engine potential. All in all, social media is possibly the best way to create a natural crop of back links, though another increasingly popular method is by bringing associated websites into the game. This can read like a sort of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” type of deal, where two similarly themed businesses or websites help each other out by backlinking to each other in order to appear higher up on a search engine results page.

Overall, back links are the way to go as far as search engine optimization goes. After the link wars were officially ended by Google, natural back links built up over time became the best way to get your web page indexed and have it ranking high up on the search results page. The way to get the most results out of backlinking is to have it be natural; after you publish your website, or upload new content to that website, share it and the content on social media. Retweets and shares can add to your back link count, and, as is said in the preceding paragraphs, search engines and their web crawlers absolutely love social media links, because they are indicative of real popularity and are harder to manufacture.



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