How To Select Quality Article Directories

May 20, 2011

How To Select Quality Article Directories

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Article directories play a major role in search engine optimization of numerous websites and they’re largely used by article marketers. You can write articles of about 350 words each and submit them to top article marketing sites. Depending on the quality of the articles, the directories will probably publish them. In return, the links you place in your resource boxes will generate inbound links to your site, using targeted keywords as anchor texts. Isn’t it great? Well, theoretically it sounds great, but a closer look will reveal to you that there are thousands of low quality article directories and that getting links from them wouldn’t positively impact the ranking of your site on SERPs. So, it is a waste of time and energy to submit to article directories that Google and other major search engines regard as link farms. Moreover, it makes no sense in terms of SEO to submit to all the article sites you find on the web. What you need to do is to carefully choose the quality ones and leave the weeds out. Here we’re going to discuss how to select top quality article directories that generate result-oriented SEO.

Make a list of high PR article directories: Use Google to search for article directories that have high PageRank – say between PR4 to PR9. Or you can search for lists of high PR article directories, if you don’t have much time to create your own list. These are the ones that are most likely highly-trusted by all major search engines, and links from them carry much weight in the search ranking algorithms for targeted keywords.

Read their article submitting guidelines: Do they accept any type of article, regardless of if they’re poorly-written? Do they guarantee automatic approval of all submitted articles? If the answer is “yes” to the above two questions, stay away from them, because the owners may have bought expired domains with high PR and set them up as directories. The next PR update will most likely negatively affect their PageRank.

Check out their editorial integrity: How well written and informative are the live articles? Read some of them and see how authoritative they are. Are some of the live articles full of grammatical errors? Top quality article directories have human editors who carefully read every submitted article and correct grammatical errors before publishing, and they don’t publish mediocre articles. Moreover, select directories reject articles that contain any form of promotional hype or blatant advertisement.

The best article directories offer newsletter subscriptions: Some directories send out insightful newsletters to help members to sharpen their writing skills and also to enhance their article marketing campaigns. This is not the same with low quality ones that often send their own often annoying advertisements.

If you follow our guidelines strictly when choosing article sites, you will never go wrong in acquiring highly-regarded backlinks that include your targeted keywords as anchor texts.



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