How To Optimize a Boston Website For Search Engines

December 15, 2010

How To Optimize a Boston Website For Search Engines

When it comes to doing SEO for a site that targets a specific locale, such as Boston, Massachusetts, it is important that you understand how search engine algorithms are programmed to work and the Internet trend of your target audience. A dedicated approach is needed to optimize a site for a local audience. General search engine optimization handling might not work effectively, as would a localized one.

  • Hosting locally: Since your main target market is your local Boston area, it is recommended you consider hosting your website with a locally based web hosting company. Search engines, especially Bing, by default use hosting IP address to assign the location of a site, if they’re not directed otherwise. Since only Google currently has the technology that enables webmasters to select in its Webmaster Tools the correct location of their businesses, it makes sense to host your website in the same town where your business is located. If you don’t, you might be missing out on better search ranking for your targeted keywords in your area.
  • Get backlinks from Boston websites: Building targeted inbound links from websites hosted in Boston will surely help to boost your site’s ranking. These backlinks should originate from local websites that have web content largely relevant to the city.
  • Class C IP addresses: Considering the way search engine ranking algorithms work for local sites, they tend to lend more weight to backlinks that originate from the city’s IP addresses. If you have the money, create a couple blog sites related to your niche and assign a different Class C IP address to each one. Write posts related to your niche often and post them on the blogs. Link to your site’s web pages within the main content of your articles. Such backlinks carry a lot of link juice, since they come from different IP addresses.
  • Hire a Boston SEO service provider: The best way to make sure your Boston-themed site is well optimized for better ranking on search results is to employ the services of a reputable Boston SEO specialist. Taking this route will ensure that no stone is left unturned, since an expert knows the ropes far more than an average site owner. It also frees you to concentrate on handling your business, instead of SEO.

I have optimized a lot of sites that target either global audience or more specific local audience. In either case, SEO is time-consuming and needs to be done professionally, in order to generate desired outcome. Hiring an expert will enhance your site’s chances of getting a top ranking on SERPs.



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