How To Get Your Site To Rank At The Top Of Google’s SERPs

August 12, 2011

How To Get Your Site To Rank At The Top Of Google’s SERPs

Google Top Ranking

Google Top Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very crucial for any business and other endeavors that want to succeed online. And to see websites and web pages that rank high on SERPs for multiple keywords is the envy of numerous site owners and webmasters. But top 5 SERPs ranking for competitive keywords and key phrases is not easy to achieve and maintain. Contrary to a popular misconception, a month isn’t enough to work miracles and get a lowly-ranked site on the first page of major search engine results pages; so, beware of quack “SEO experts” who promise “top ranking” within a few days that will generate tons of targeted click-through rates for your site.

When you decide that it’s high time you started embarking on an SEO campaign, bear in mind that search engine optimization takes time to yield desired, lasting results. Also understand that it involves a lot of targeted SEO strategies and techniques, as well as search engine ranking factors.

How search engine-optimized are your web pages?
Are your web pages designed in accordance with major search engine guidelines for webmasters? Start your SEO campaign by reading these guidelines and inspecting the codes of your web pages, to make sure they’re search engine-friendly. Is there anything in the coding that will inadvertently hinder proper crawling and indexing of your site’s content? Do your web pages contain targeted keywords in your niche that drive high volumes of traffic to your competitors’ websites, or did you use generic keywords and ignorantly hope that Internet users will find you via organic searches? If you used targeted keywords, how well-prioritized are they on the web pages. If you can’t do all these by yourself, then consider hiring an SEO specialist who understands the need for search engine-optimized web design. Make sure that web crawlers do not experience any difficulty while crawling and indexing your site.

Who is handling your SEO campaign?
The experience of the person who is performing search engine optimization for your site plays a big part in determining how well the site will rank in organic search results. Are you doing it by yourself – acquiring low quality forum signature and blog comment links? How relevant to your site’s content are external sites that link to you? It’s important to note that Google only gives much weight to relevant backlinks from reputable and related sites. If you must get an inbound link from an unrelated website, make sure that it makes a strong case for your content.

Generally, it takes approximately three or more months to see the effect of a proper SEO campaign on SERPs, though it can take a slightly shorter time, depending on certain factors – the age of your site, the previous SEO work on the site, the quality of your backlinks prior to the new campaign, etc.



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