How to generate free traffic to your site for a long time

August 25, 2011

How to generate free traffic to your site for a long time

Simply having a website doesn’t guarantee that visitors will be pouring in! Without letting other web users to know about your site, how do you expect visitors to come? Well, there are several ways to generate organic traffic to websites over a long period of time. Unlike paid listings and traffic, this continues to work long after performing the necessary SEO (search engine optimization).

Free Traffic

Free Traffic

Create a blog site:
Create a blog site related to your niche, if you haven’t got one. Make a research before writing each article with regards to content and keywords. The content you post need to show your readers that you’re an authority in your field of endeavor. Perform keyword research to find well-targeted keywords and key phrases that have high click-through rates. We recommend using Google Keyword Tool External for your research. Hyperlink the most targeted keywords and point them to your business site.

If you’re a budget-minded person who can’t afford another hosting fees and an extra domain name for your blog, you need not worry – you can still run a blog freely on either or Blogger.

We also suggest that you set up your blog on another web hosting account that doesn’t share the same IP address with your business site. Doing so will help your business website to reap the full benefit of the links juice it gets from the blog. It’s a known fact that search engines assign less value to backlinks that originate from the same IP address. Blogging has two benefits – your business site will get quality inbound links with targeted keywords as anchor texts, and also the backlinks will generate direct traffic from your readers. If your posts are impressive, the blog’s visitors will most likely want to know more about the brain behind the write-ups.

Even if you don’t have article writing skill, hire an SEO content writer to do the job for you on a regular basis.

Publish press releases:
Publishing a PR is another way to drive substantial traffic to websites, as well as gain relevant backlinks. Whenever you introduce a new product or service into the market, use press releases to let a wider audience know about it. There are many PR publishing websites like PRWeb, amongst others; you can use to achieve this. A single PR has the potential to generate thousands of traffic.

Embark on article marketing:
Submitting articles to top quality article directories is one of our favorite means of getting keyword-rich backlinks and substantial traffic. Write articles regularly on chosen topics in your niche and submit to sites like Ezinearticles, Articlesbase, etc. Most of these article resources allow authors to include their links in their authors’ resource boxes. Take advantage of this author’s box by using your targeted keywords as the anchor texts of your links.



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