How to use Google+ to boost your search rankings

October 8, 2014

How to use Google+ to boost your search rankings


Google+ is one of the many social platforms that are underestimated. Many people reckon its effectiveness in locating and sharing with friends all over the world, but they’ve failed to see the influence it has on Search Engine Optimization. Obviously, you’re not a novice to Google+. You’ve either heard about the social platform from friends or you personally have a Google+ account. In fact, if you’ve signed up for a Gmail account in the past 3 months, you would have automatically signed up for a Google+ account. Whatever your situation is, if you’re operating an online business, you can use Google+ to boost how well you rank in searches.

While Google has made massive changes to their Google+ platform, including the resignation of the Founder of Google+, the removal of Google+ from Gmail sign up and the removal of Google+ authorship from search engine results, the platform still has a bearing on search engine results. If you’re skeptical about my claims, here’s how Google+ can be used to boost your search engine ranks.

  1. Get more followers

This is the foundation of every social media platforms, especially when they’re used within the business. If your Google+ page has no followers, you’ll not be able to predict your follow usfollowing or those who are assured viewers. Rather, you’d have to rely on those eyes that i term as ‘stumble upons.’ These individuals may be scrolling through posts on Google+ and stumble on yours. Stumbling on your post is good, but you want that person to continue to return to your Google+ profile. Think about it, what if they don’t see your next post? When you have followers, they’re more inclined to check in to see what you’re up to and what new and engaging post you came up with. With your followers seeing your daily posts, they’re more inclined to engage with the content.

Additionally, think about followers as a power up. If someone follows you on Google+, Google’s search algorithm dictates that you should receive a boost when someone searches for a particular keyword that is linked to your Google+ page. To illustrate, if you’re followed by X and X searches for a particular article and you have one that parallels the search made, your article will be given preference or is more likely be among the top results shown. If your Google+ page is integrated into your entire online presence, you could be able to draw more traffic to your website. A recipe for attracting followers is posting engaging and refreshing content on a daily basis. By doing so, readers will want to follow you.


Much like any other social media platforms, viewers show their appreciation for a post by engaging with posted content. While FaceBook users show their appreciation by ‘liking’+1 orsharing a particular post, users on Google+ use a similar but different technique. They use the +1 button. When I just started using Google+, I often wondered what ‘+1’ meant. As curiosity took it’s toll, I was led to do further research on the Google+ feature. ‘1’ is a Google+ signal that is used by your followers or other Google+ users to show that they found your content helpful, they thought its cool or they simply appreciate it. If you read a post on Google+ that brought you relief, provided valuable and timely information, the courteous or ethical thing to do is to +1 the person’s post.

When your post is +1’d, that actually has a profound impact on your search rankings. The +1 button is also used to show credibility. People are more inclined to trust your post when they realise others are benefiting or are interacting with your profile. The more +1 associated with your Google+ account, the more boost your search engine results will get.
It’s quite understandable if you’re wondering how an +1 is different from a ‘like’ on Facebook. The discrepancy lies in what Google features when a search on a particular keyword is done. When your post is +1’d against ‘liked’ on Facebook, Google is more inclined to show your +1’d post. Not only will Google show your +1 posts, but they’ll display how many persons +1’d that post. Regardless of what Google+ users think, the more +1’s you’ve received using the platform, the more people will click through. That will inevitably increase how Google views you in their search engine results page.

Getting active on current affairs or headlines

whats newGetting active on current affairs and ‘what’s in the news’ topic can get you in the spotlight. If you’re good at networking, you might be able to get ahead in the game. By giving your opinion on a particular headline which is relevant to your niche, this can help you to get a lot of exposure. Exposure means more followers, which will result a higher search engine rank, more business and a larger clientele list. The more active you are, the more your business will thrive.

Google news is the place where basically everyone hangs out. With the majority keeping abreast with Google news, if you comment on a headline that people are interested in, they’ll be able to see your opinion and just might engage with a +1. Must extensively, they just might be interested in your online presence and follow you.

Establishing your online presence : Authorship

If you claim possession or proper authorship for the content created on your site, this can be helpful. By providing proper google searchauthorship, whether claiming it solely or giving due credit to your freelancer (s), their profile will pop up whenever a content written by you is disclosed in Google’s search results page. With changes made to Google+ authorship page results, you may want to consult relevant sources for the needed information.

Use Trending Hashtags

#blogntOne of the hottest things on the market are #hashtags. Hashtags allow users to compile a list of related posts in one destination. Depending on what hashtag is used, a user is able to scope out relevant content. A typical example: If a user is searching for an SEO company in Boston, they’re more inclined to search for a hashtag such as #SEOBoston. When that hashtag is searched for, a list of SEO agencies in Boston will appear. It narrows a user’s search list and it provides better and relevant results. How does this affect your search ranking? That’s a, b, c. Depending on what hashtags you use on your Google+ account and what hashtag the user uses to search, your Google+ account may be among the results displayed.



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