Free Link building Tools to Use Effectively

October 26, 2014

Free Link building Tools to Use Effectively

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Links are the ‘in thing’ for websites. Without quality links, your website is just about dead where SEO is concerned. Since links play a vital role in Internet visibility, how can you attain the right links? While there are multiple ways to get links, there are factors that marketers mull over. Why? Simply, the quality of the links you obtain has to be above standards for your website to be seen or even get a second glimpse from Google. With your site linking to authoritative and high ranking sites, the better your chances are at securing more traffic, downloads and conversions for your website, depending on the type of business you’re operating of course. If you find great delight in accumulating links for your website from authoritative sites, Google will demonstrate their approval by elevating you on the SEO ladder.

In order to locate websites within your niche or your industry that are wielding in the big guns or what I call traffic, you have to befriend tools that are able to fit in painlessly with your plans. Since there are multiple tools it’s important to go through a trial and error phase so that you’ll know for sure of what works for you. By implementing website tools for link building, you’ll be able to measure multiple PankRanks of several websites or those that you desire to link to. Cost is most definitely an issue when selecting link building tools. Whether or not you can afford paid link building tools, free ones can still provide the edge and results you need to boost your website and take it to the next level. If you’re interested in giving your website some attention by getting people streaming to it, here are some cool and did I mention free link building tools that you should try out. If you’re able to afford the premium version of the tools that I’m about to list for you, that’s GREAT! However, if you’re not able to crack a penny at his time or drill a hole through your piggy bank as I’ve done, take a look at these link building tools.

A Hrefs

When I was first introduced to this tool by a client of mine, he didn’t have to say what it’s to be used for. Why? Since I had ample knowledge of web development as a result of my degree in Computer Studies, I was able to identify with the name of the site. blacklink reportAhrefs assumes the name of an html tag < a href> This tag is not used for decorative purposes or it’s just another website name, but it defines exactly what the site is all about. By description, the < a href> tag is used in web development to create anchor texts or what many call hyperlinks. By implementing this tag on a website, the webmaster is basically requesting to link with another site by creating a hyperlink with the address of the other site. Likewise, Ahrefs allows their members to take any URL, whether long or short and provide useful information on link building about the URL entered. This is not unique to your site since you can also enter the URL of your website and obtain information just the same. After impressing a URL in the search box that is provided onsite, a list of information such as the sites you’ve linked to will appear. This might be complex to understand at first but it gets easier after doing research on how to manipulate the tool. Appropriately, Ahrefs allows you to explore sites and check backlinks.

Backlink Watch

In my experience with using Backlink Watch, it provides similar functionality to Ahrefs. The webiste simply allows you to scrutinize the back links of the entered URL. blacklink watchWhile the site is not as detailed, robust and complex as Ahrefs, it can be explored and used effectively. If you’re thinking about using this site, please be warned. There are multiple pesky and annoying ads that will greet you and try to get into your pocket and divert you away from work to bed. While the site is creeping with ads, it will be of immense benefit once you can get past them. The site provides inbound links that you can use for analysis.

Bing Social Search

Google is always held in high esteem. It’s always Google for that or Google for this. However, this time around, Google has been kicked to curb. If Bing was ever to surpass Google in anything, it would be in using Bing’s social search tool for link building. The majority of link builders are versed in using Google Blog search for link building, but Bing’s social gives Google’s blog search engine a run for its money. If you don’t believe me, check it out. Since this service has been around for some time, it’s older and in my estimation more superior to the link building tool offered by Google. Bing’s social service does a far better job at determining who uses Twitter and it provides some of the best blogs to link to. If you’ve used Google Blog Search, using Bing’s social service will be painless to use. Simply plug in your keyword and hit search.

Link Diagnosis

link diagnosisLink Diagnosis is a great free tool that provides important information about your competitors and their links. While this tool gets the job done well, it’s only available for installation and usage on Mozilla FireFox. This means that if you’re operating on Chrome or Explorer, you have to make a decision to switch. If you’re not up for using Mozilla, it simply means that you’ll not be able to use the Link Diagnosis tool. With this tool, you can analyze your computer’s site to see who they are linking to. If they’re accustomed to getting immense traffic, you just might be able to get some by linking to the sites they’re linking to.

Since these tools provide various functions and features, they can be used to boost your website’s SEO, it’s best to implement them right away and have them integrate with your SEO strategy. If you want to use all the tools listed above, that’s even better. With link building tools at your disposal, link analysis is simpler and you save big bucks on using free tools.



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