Black hat and white hat website optimization

January 2, 2014

Black hat and white hat website optimization

Website optimization methods are divided into two categories: black and white. Both methods can help you get a higher position in search engines.

However, if you use black optimization it is possible to be included into the ban list by search engines, and recent events showcase that sites using this method will soon suffer.

What is white optimization?

In case of white optimization a web-master does not try to trick search engines and does not violate their rules. Web-pages that use white optimization are useful for network users, search engines and web-masters.

What is black optimization?

black-hat-seoBlack optimization aims at improving rankings through those ways which are not so much favored by search engines. These methods include cloaking, doorway pages, hidden text, etc.

Google and other search engines have warned that they penalize websites that use black optimization in case it is revealed. But black methods seem to work. So why not use them?

Some types of black optimization can give a good result. There are quite many web-masters, who received high rankings for their sites, although they optimized sites by methods, which are not approved by most search engines.

You probably also have seen some web-pages in search results that looked odd or hardly related to what you were actually looking for. So black optimization may be productive.

Almost all black methods will be detected by search engines sooner or later. Redirect and doorways worked quite well in the past and currently these methods usually lead to ban directly.

Although some methods of cloaking continue to exist, it is likely that Google will soon be able to find them. The same applies to paid links. Some paid links still cannot be detected by search engines, but it is only a matter of time until new search algorithms appear.

white-hat-seoYou may have troubles, even if you used black optimization a few years ago. The problem is that things that Google cannot find now, may be revealed tomorrow. And Google will also be able to find out what you did in the past.

WikiScanner is a good example for a spam filter, which also considers the things that were done in the past. WikiScanner can find manipulations that were done before.

Do not use black optimization techniques. As technology develops it is likely that these methods will be found, even if you stop using them. You’d better focus on white optimization.

Sites that continue to follow the rules will have an advantage in search results. In addition, there is no need to use shady techniques if you can use white optimization that guarantees a good result.



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