Are You Struggling To Increase A Site’s Traffic With No Luck?

February 11, 2011

Are You Struggling To Increase A Site’s Traffic With No Luck?

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I’ve never seen someone who has a website for the sole purpose of viewing it by him/herself. So, we all agree that the intention of having an online presence is to get others to visit it and possibly do business with the owner. But a site needs to be visible on the Internet before it can generate traffic. There are billions of websites that struggle to get meaningful traffic with no luck. If your site falls into that category, you definitely need to fine-tune your SEO and Internet marketing approach. As follows are some helpful tips that will help to drive substantial traffic, if you’ve been trying without success.

1)      Acquire targeted backlinks: Getting relevant backlinks is one of the major ways to rank well in organic search. Good ranking helps to increase a link’s click-through rate. Once your site starts to do well on SERPs, your traffic will subsequently increase.

2)      Submit articles to directories: Article directories help website owners in two (2) ways: direct traffic and backlinks. Most of these article resources allow submitters to include outgoing links in their author resource boxes. Ezinearticles, eHow, Goarticles and Articlesbase, to name but a few, have thousands of visitors every day. These visitors regularly click on authors’ links, if the articles interest them. Also you can get link juice from article directory backlink, if it doesn’t contain the NoFollow tag.

3)      Submit videos: Create and submit professionally-produced videos related to your products and/or services to video-sharing sites, such as YouTube. This is another good way to generate direct traffic to your site. If you don’t have the technical know-how of video creation, hire someone knowledgeable to produce it for you. Statistics show that viewers often visit the sites of YouTube video creators who show mastery of their fields.

4)      Social media optimization: Become a member of popular social media sites, such as FaceBook and Twitter. Befriend a lot of people who have the similar interests as you, network honestly with them on a regular basis and share ideas. As you network with your newly-found friends, promote your products and/or services subtly to them. Once they develop genuine interest in you, they will start to visit your site and possibly buy things from you. As a rule, do not market directly to anyone on social networking sites, to avoid irritating them. Obvious marketing seems tantamount to spamming on social media websites. SMO (social media optimization) is one of the greatest ways to get noticed on the Internet. So, use it to your advantage!

5)      PPC advertising: Pay-per-click advertising is a very effective way to drive targeted traffic to a website. But it costs money and can be very expensive, if it’s not managed effectively. If your budget permits, give PPC a try. You can even outsource the management of your campaigns to someone else.

Generating substantial traffic to a website requires good SEO knowledge, social networking skill, hard work and dedication. If you follow the guidelines given above, you will surely see your site’s traffic increase tremendously.



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