5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Attracting Traffic

February 17, 2015

5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Attracting Traffic

Traffic To Your Website

The invention of the internet led to very rapid change in almost every aspect of modern life. A business is no longer as good as its product, it’s as good as its website too. A good website can mean more traffic and more sales, despite inferior products. Whatever the case may be, an online presence is absolutely essential to the success, health and overall vitality of a business. However, many business owners are baffled when their website, full of amazing products and excellent services, just doesn’t attract as much traffic as other websites. Here are 5 reasons why this could be happening:

  1. Your website just doesn’t look good. A website should be treated like a main office or a bricks and mortar branch of your brand, and that means it should look professional, and should match the brand the website is representing. If your website possesses a poor color combination, or a poor layout, people simply won’t want to come to it. The content should be arranged in a layout that is easy to read and navigate whilst looking attractive and pleasant, but not too much of either of the aforementioned. Remember the golden rule of website design: the sign of a well designed website is that the users don’t notice the design, because they are too busy focusing on the content. This means that the design can’t be too flashy or too bland, it has to be just right in order to keep the focus where it should be: on the products your company is selling, and the services it is offering.
  2. Your website is difficult to use. This can happen for a number of ways, but one major complaint that a lot of internet users have with websites is that they’re slow. The modern consumers don’t want everything fast anymore, they want everything now, which means that if your website doesn’t load immediately, or at the very least within three or four seconds, people aren’t going to want to come to your website. A good way to optimize your website to download faster is to go easy on the Flash, as it slows things down a lot. This will also get you into a lot of people’s good books, as a lot of internet users are using devices that don’t support Flash, and they would prefer a website that doesn’t use it. Also, integrate a search bar into your websites design in order to make your site more easily navigable. Try to make it easily visible but nonintrusive, remember: it should improve the experience, not get in its way. Another design aspect you can include into your website is the separation of your content into different tabs. If you sell clothes, have a different tab for each type of clothing, such as coats, shirts, shoes, pants, and make them accessible from every page, and also integrate a button that can take the user to your homepage into every web page onto your website.
  3. There is another incredibly important aspect of web design in which your website might be lacking which would contribute to your low incoming traffic. This design aspect is responsive design. Responsive design essentially creates a website that can automatically adapt itself to different browser sizes. This will help make your website more accessible across different devices, such as tablets and smart phones. These devices possess screens and, as a result, browsers that are smaller than the average personal computer or laptop, and having the same website that has been optimized to be used on a desktop browser will result in a very poor and annoying experience for a user on a smartphone, for example. Additionally, these different devices have very different interfaces than a desktop computer, as they really on touch, which is not as precise as the mouse that is used in computers. Responsive design will make your site touch friendly by detecting the browser size, and thereby device, that the website is being viewed on and adjusting the layout and HTML code of the website accordingly, thereby providing a far superior experience for your users.
  4. Another aspect in which your website might be lacking is advertising. There is, obviously, the option of paying other websites to advertise your web domain, but there are other ways of advertising your website that are not expensive. These ways all involve social media. Social media is a veritable revolution within a revolution. The Internet is quickly becoming based around social media, and this provides you with a solid foundation on which you can base an entire advertising campaign. This campaign does not even need to cost any money, as social media, by its nature, provides you with a platform to send messages out to millions of people, all at once and for free. If you aren’t using social media this way, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. You should integrate social media into your website as well, allowing users to tweet, post and otherwise share your content on their social media profiles at the click of a button.
  5. Possibly the single most important reason why your website is not attracting any traffic is that you aren’t using Search Engine Optimization techniques. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, refers to techniques that you can use to get your website and its web pages indexed and searchable via Google and other search engines and quickly as possible, and to ensure that your website appears as high as possible on the list of search results when a keyword relating to your business, your content or one of your products is searched for. The ultimate goal is getting your webpage on the very first page of the search results, as the vast majority of users don’t go past the results on the first page. Social media is a big part of this, as it can be used to create backlinks that would boost the visible popularity of your sight, thereby making it faster to index and appear higher on search result lists.



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