Pay Per Click Management

An Optimized Solution for Today’s Business

When it comes to baseball or politics, we Bostonians know our stuff; but what about the need for search engine marketing for your online business-do you really know how your site stands against it’s competition?

To own a business and be successful in today’s world requires a lot more than it once did. It is no longer about traveling to get clients or even about having a comprehensive palette of advertising and marketing mediums to get your word out in print, media, radio, and online efforts. Today, in order to even compete in your niche, you need a high quality website; a multi-faceted, comprehensive search engine marketing strategy; and a finger on the pulse of the latest customer trends-as well as how to reach them online. You also might need pay per click management.

More Than Just Optimization

Though not all businesses may be in the market for pay per click management-all businesses could profit by including it in their search marketing portfolio. If you know what SEO is, consider that PPC or Pay Per Click Management is the other, more streamlined and polished counterpart to SEO in a full search engine marketing effort.

With search engine optimization, techniques and tools are used to market your site to customers seeking your products and services by making your site and efforts look more attractive naturally to search engines. With pay per click management marketing, your site is buying first and second page placement in the results of top ranking keyword terms for your products. You pay a certain amount per customer that clicks through from these pages to your site. You don’t pay until your customers click through to your site. It is the most dependable, sophisticated, and well organized solution for getting your site in front of thousands of customers seeking your product and/or service.

Not Just for the Big Guys

You may well be wondering what sort of price tag comes with this dependable visibility and success, and can you afford to pay per click? It all depends on two heavily weighted components: how competitive the keyword term you are bidding on is, and how skilled and experienced in PPC management your pay per click management service is.

Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to be a mega business grossing millions each year to employ a successful pay per click campaign for your key terms-even if they are competitive. SEO Boston’s professional team of search engine marketing experts have the industry knowledge, expertise, and tools to customize a PPC marketing strategy to your budget- and still get you the pay per click advertising success you seek.

The Beauty of PPC

What is truly beautiful about including a pay per click management campaign in your online marketing plan is that it can work at a number of levels to get you the qualified traffic you need. It can be used to quickly boost site traffic to a new site, enhance site traffic while SEO is being employed, and keep you constantly competitive in your niche market-or perhaps, in a related market. It gets your site visibility and qualified traffic quickly-in a world of ecommerce that moves at lightning speed.

The SEO Boston Advantage

Here are just a few of the customized pay per click management solutions we offer our PPC clients:

  • Keyword research/development
  • Sponsored search and placement
  • Site traffic analytics
  • Ongoing analysis of competition
  • Bidding strategy/implementation/maintenance
  • Contextual advertising
  • Analysis and reporting of key performance indicators
  • Timely reporting